How to create a sleep routine to help you lose weight

Sometimes you can be following the right meal plan and still not see the results, which is often demotivating. It’s not just diet and exercise that contribute to losing weight, but sleep too.  If you’re struggling to sleep, or getting bad quality sleep, it could be hampering your weight loss efforts, as well as making […]

Can power naps help you lose weight?

Power naps weight loss

You know the feeling. Whether it’s been a busy day or a sleepless night, everyone feels like dozing off in the afternoon every now and then. It’s not surprising considering 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. If done right, a power nap can be perfect to perk you up and keep you going […]

Everything you always wanted to know about healthy eating, answered.

Healthy eating questions answered.

Trying to eat healthily isn’t always an easy option. It’s even harder when you lead a busy life and need to eat quickly, or when you’re too tired to prep any meals after a long day at work. Today, we’re simplifying your healthy eating plan. We’ve looked at the most common questions people have been […]