CGM: Everything You’ve Wanted To Know But Haven’t Yet Asked

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Most people don’t pay attention to their blood glucose or monitor it until they suddenly find themselves at the extreme ends of the meter (with conditions such as diabetes, prediabetes, or hypoglycemia). 

To avoid this, you need to monitor your blood sugar level and make sure it remains in a healthy range. And that’s exactly why you need a CGM. You’ve probably seen this nifty acronym being tossed around on the internet. But if you don’t yet know what it means, then CGM is short for ‘Continuous Glucose Monitor.’ 

What exactly does a CGM do? 
A CGM is a portable device that tracks your blood glucose levels in real-time, and over a continuous period.

How is it different from the traditional glucose testing kits?

The main advantage of a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is that you can see the effect your food and liquid intake, plus physical activity, all have on your blood sugar level; in real-time.

This helps you detect cases of abnormally high or low blood sugar levels and potential emergencies before it’s too late to act on them.

Once you start using a CGM, you’ll know which foods are good for you and which ones to cut out of your diet. This helps you stay healthier and be more confident in your choices.

On the other hand, a traditional glucose monitoring kit only provides a single glucose reading at a time.

But with a CGM, you get a fuller picture of what’s going on in your body. 

Ultimately, it empowers you to manage your own health safely and effectively.  

According to a recent study conducted at the University of Chicago Medical Center (based on a 6-month clinical trial), using a CGM dramatically improves glucose control and adds to the quality of life. (1) 

That’s because it allows you to make more informed decisions about what you eat and what you do.  

How it works?

When CGM’s first came out, they made use of a tiny needle-like sensor – which is attached to your skin to track your blood sugar levels every few minutes throughout the day. It wirelessly sends those data to a monitor. 

The first generation of CGMs sent data to a stand-alone electronic device that looks like a pager. But more recent models can work with apps on your phone and smartwatch.  

That’s valuable real-time information about your blood sugar – at the press of a button. 

If you’re diabetic, you’ll know when to adjust your insulin levels and physical activity quickly.  

You’ll also get an idea of which foods to avoid and which ones are good for you – which means you can now optimize your diet according to your body’s reactions to what you eat. 

This helps prevent random high or low blood sugar episodes. (1) 

How do you get started with a CGM?

Firstly, you should know that most of the CGM’s out there are expensive to get and maintain – which means many people who’d benefit from them can’t actually afford them. 

And affordability seems to be a trend in healthcare… 

Recent research by the Congressional Research Service shows more evidence of “a substantial and growing gap in life expectancy by income.”  

As stated in the report, “individuals with lower lifetime earnings are living shorter lives, on average, than their counterparts with higher lifetime earnings — and this gap has continued to widen over recent decades.” (1) 

This is no surprise. But it’s a sad statistic because the difference between life and death has again managed to come down to the size of your wallet. Since Day 1 here at Miboko, we’ve been committed to changing this.

It’s the very reason why we embarked on our journey in the first place; to build a high-quality CGM that’s affordable and accessible for everyone and anyone.  

And after years of work and countless rounds of tests, we’ve produced Miboko – the next generation of metabolic health optimization. 

Unlike other CGM’s, Miboko doesn’t require pricking yourself with a needle or wearing it for weeks on end. 

It uses a different mechanism to get you the same results.  

What’s more, it’s just as accurate as the most expensive CGM’s in the market. So, if you’re looking for a way to monitor your blood glucose levels and see which foods are good or bad for you, then click here to get it now.

It’s easy to optimize your blood sugar once you have the data. You just have to double down on what works. Check out the MiBoKo CGM here.

It’s easy to use, and it interfaces perfectly with your phone in a user-friendly app.  

And if you’d love to see how it works, go watch this short video for a full walkthrough of this revolutionary CGM that people are now calling “metabolic health 2”.  


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