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The Miboko pilot program will be available in most countries. Join the wait list to experience the world’s first needle-free glucose tracking sensor.
Our pilot programs are free to all participants including our body worn sensors.
All you have to do is tap Join our Tribe from our home page and share your email address.

Our Policies

You can view our full Privacy Policy by simply clicking on the link.
You can review our GDPR Policy by simply clicking on the link.

How it works

Your metabolic score is calculated after you have worn a wearable sensor. Our unique algorithm takes a number of factors into account, including your bodies personalised response to the food and drinks that you have taken.

By following our recommendations, you should aim for a better score the next time you wear the sensor, which means that your metabolic health is improving.
You need only wear your Miboko Sensor once or twice a month. Each sensor is designed to be worn for up to 14 hours, so it doesn’t impact your lifestyle.
We offer both a managed and self-managed program. More details will be provided once you subscribe.
Absolutely. Included within your progress report we look at what you are doing right, as well as where you can make improvements. Miboko is about understanding what your body needs more or less of. So over time you take control of your routine and habits towards changes that last.
Right now, we’re only monitoring glucose.

We have other sensors in the pipeline and after you sign-up you’ll be kept informed about these developments.
If you subscribe to monthly sensors, you will receive access to the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) insights report. The report will display your last 90 day journey. Showing you how your MetaScore has improved with a detailed breakdown on each eating session you have completed. Packed with insights to keep you motivated and educated.
You will be able to sync other devices to the app, and we are gradually increasing the number of devices that can be synchronised.
Don’t worry, you can log it retrospectively.
Miboko’s algorithm takes into account all of your onboarding responses and body measurements to calculate your personal goals.


The Miboko program is a wellbeing program and should be used accordingly. If you suffer from any chronic disease conditions then you can still use Miboko after consultation and guidance from your personal physician.
Yes you can. Miboko is a great way to take back control of your health. Our affordable wearable sensors silently monitor your glucose, and therefore your metabolic health, delivering insights on your lifestyle from your own body and empowering you to take steps at your own pace to manage your health your way, and potentially reversing your prediabetes to avoid becoming diabetic.

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Forgot your password? Just use this password reset link.

Type in the email address you used to create your account. You will receive a new email with a link to ‘change your password’. Click on the link to create a new password and off you go.

If you’re still experiencing issues after using the rest link, please contact support.
Miboko is an app and is currently only available on iOS and Android mobile devices.
Our customer support team are available to answer any questions you have using support@miboko.com.
During the Beta program, drop us an email and we will get right back to you!

Work With Us

We’re growing rapidly and have a great vision for how Miboko can empower people to better their health. Email us on work@miboko.com if you want to help shape world-first technology and change the way people manage their health for good.

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