GLP-1 Medication

In the world of Miboko, we offer an all-inclusive subscription that combines monthly prescriptions of GLP-1 medication with the Miboko program experience, and three sensors each month. This subscription runs continuously, ensuring uninterrupted support for your wellness journey.

At Miboko, we go beyond just shedding pounds – our program harmonizes:

  • Biological Reboot: Our cutting-edge weight loss medication targets brain receptors controlling appetite, lowering your body’s ‘set point’ for lasting weight loss.
  • Behavioral Renew: Utilizing the Miboko App daily, you’ll not only track progress but also engage in low-effort education modules, fostering sustainable habits in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices for enduring results.
  • Transformation: With Miboko sensors, witness how your body responds to food, exercise, and well-being. Personalized reports guide you, allowing informed choices for a stable glucose and building your knowledge for a healthier you.
Every customer is required to undergo an assessment to determine their eligibility for the medication.

The sale of medicines from Miboko is regulated through Glenfied Pharmacy.

Subscription – 28 Day Recurring Supply
One Time Purchase
Consult with our Miboko prescribers to explore your options, highly recommended for complex medical conditions. Book a video consultation now.

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