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Listen To Your Body

Personal insights about your health in realtime from your phone

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Leave Guesswork Behind

Weekly breakdowns of exactly what your body needs to eat and do

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Stay Healthy For Life

Simple steps at your own pace building towards change that lasts

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The onboarding pages on the app take you through a journey, to discover what it is you really want and need for better health.


A few minutes later, by the time you’ve on-boarded, the app will have automatically set you goals. These are your personal goals. Designed based on you as an individual. You can get started with the app immediatley.


We’ve made it simple. We don’t believe in calorie counting. We don’t believe in strict dietary stipulations. We’re all different. The targets aren’t there to put a burden on you, they’re there to help you make small changes, small steps, designed to lead to lifelong habits and a life of healthy living, a healthier you, a longer life.


The sensors are supplied every month.

our mission

To make MiBoKo your lifetime companion for achieiving excellent health using the MiBoKo app and our state of the art sensors that measure your metabolic health.

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