Everything you always wanted to know about healthy eating, answered.

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Trying to eat healthily isn’t always an easy option.

It’s even harder when you lead a busy life and need to eat quickly, or when you’re too tired to prep any meals after a long day at work.

Today, we’re simplifying your healthy eating plan.

We’ve looked at the most common questions people have been asking about eating healthy, and we’ve brought them to you along with – you guessed it!- some answers.

Keep reading to find out what people are talking about when it comes to healthy eating!

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What are the most common questions about healthy eating?

Many people are starting their own weight loss journey as you read this.

And of course, they’re going to have a lot of questions.

Some of these questions relate to the basics (how do I start eating healthier?) whereas others have to deal with the specifics (what foods are healthy?).

Here are some of the most common questions people around the world are asking about healthy eating.

And of course, along with the questions, we thought it’d be useful to bring you the answers as well, so keep reading to find out everything you always wanted to know about healthy eating (but were afraid to ask).

How do I eat healthily?

There are a lot of myths about healthy eating.

To eat healthily, you don’t need to cut carbs out of your diet at all.

You don’t need to just eat leafy greens and vegetables, and you don’t need to sacrifice absolutely everything you love.

Eating healthy is more about building a set of sustainable habits that work for you in the long run, and if you’re feeling miserable with your diet from the get-go, the chances of you sticking to it aren’t great.

Eating healthy is most effective when you develop new routines around your eating habits. Some good habits to add to your routine to start eating healthy include:

  • Slow down when you eat: fast eaters are more likely to eat more than slow eaters. Eating slower gives your brain time to recognize you’re full, helping you control your portion size.
  • Don’t go grocery shopping without a list, or when hungry: if you go shopping without a list, you’re more likely to buy things you don’t really need, and which probably aren’t the healthiest options. The same applies when you’re feeling hungry; you’re more likely to bring unhealthy food home that would slow your progress.
  • Drink enough water: apart from making you feel fuller, water also helps your body work properly. If you stick to drinking water instead of other drinks like sodas, your calorie intake will be lower too, and your weight loss efforts will get a boost.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: sleeping is a very important part of the weight loss process, and it can help you feel calm and focused. Check out how sleep affects weight loss here.

These are just 4 easy habits to kickstart your healthy eating routine – master these, and the rest comes naturally!

What are the healthiest foods to eat?

When it comes to planning your meals, you need to know what foods to include and what foods to avoid.

A lot of calorie-restrictive diets will tell you to cut out certain food groups entirely – don’t listen to them.

Truth is, you need to have more of certain foods and less of others, but that doesn’t mean forgetting about them completely.

Some of the healthiest foods to add to your diet are:

  • Fruits and berries, like apples, blueberries, or oranges.
  • Eggs.
  • Lean meats.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Vegetables.
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Legumes, like kidney beans or lentils.

Adding these foods to your diet and cooking them with the least amount of oil possible will bring you the results you want – and with such a huge variety of food to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect ingredients!

How to eat healthier on a budget?

Eating healthy can be a daunting prospect when most of the “healthier” options in restaurants or shops tend to be pricey.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank, and there are many things you can do to stay within your budget while adding healthy foods to your diet.

For instance, you can start using seasonal ingredients in your meals, and use cheaper cuts of lean meat.

We’ve crunched the numbers and developed this budget-friendly meal plan with recipes, ingredients, and prices, so you can see how eating healthier doesn’t have to cost a lot, or sacrifice taste.

How to start eating healthier?

The most important thing to remember is not to feel overwhelmed.

Yes, there’s a lot of information about how to start eating healthier, and you might not know where to start.

Just remember you’re trying to build small, sustainable habits to develop a healthy routine.

Just try things out – eating slower, swapping soda for water, trying out some healthy recipes, or adding some of those healthy foods we listed above -.

Eating healthier, like weight loss, is a journey, and it’s important that you make the adjustments that work for you.

Will eating healthy help me lose weight?

Absolutely, yes.

Eating a healthy diet not only helps you see progress in your weight loss journey, but it also improves your overall health, both physical and mental.

If you need any extra support sticking to a routine, then our Miboko app is the next stop for you.

Miboko isn’t just another app where you log your food and water intake and then forget about it.

Miboko gives you personalized advice to help you hit and maintain your weight loss goals, and it does so using real-time information from your body.

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