Reboot, Renew, Transform Your Health

Ready for a transformative health journey beyond quick fixes? At Miboko, we’re committed to instilling lasting behavior change, offering expert advice, and providing behavior-led education for weight loss and sustained lifestyle changes. Here’s our process.


Discover a revolutionary approach to optimizing your metabolic health with Miboko, your ultimate wellness companion.
Define your goals – whether it’s shedding weight, achieving fitness, or conquering fatigue and stress. Miboko empowers you to take control of your health on your terms.
Start by downloading our app to complete the precision-designed onboarding process carefully crafted by our in-house clinical behavior and metabolic health experts to delve into your current mindset, lifestyle, and aspirations, creating a tailored experience just for you.


As Miboko gets to know you better, your insights become more precise. Dedicate a few minutes each day to log your food, activities, mood, and weight weekly. This allows you to track your progress while engaging in low-effort education modules that foster sustainable habits in nutrition.
Master daily food choices with our low-effort meal analysis guidance, and make informed decisions about exercise and lifestyle choices. The Renew phase ensures long-term results and a deeper understanding of your health journey.


Witness a groundbreaking transformation by simply wearing our sensor for just two days each month. Receive real-time, personalized insights that decode your body’s signals, allowing you to understand precisely what your body needs more or less of to improve your unique MetaScore®, empowering you to take control of your routine and habits.
Our AI-based feedback, combined with behavioral education techniques and suggested food alternatives, provides you with the tools to make sustainable changes day by day.

Guide, Inspire, Celebrate Together

Your well-being is our top priority, and Miboko is here to guide, inspire, and celebrate your victories, no matter how small. Remember, lasting transformation begins with lasting behavior change, and Miboko is your companion on this incredible journey.

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