Stop fad dieting. Start understanding what food does to your body

Lose weight without jumping into another ineffective fad diet

Personalized advice based on your body’s metabolic response.

Fed up of diets that don’t work?

What if...

You didn’t have to spend hours looking up every meal with a calorie chart to “stay within your recommended daily calorie intake”?

You could still order that slice of chocolate cake without feeling guilty because you’re still hitting your weight loss goals?

You didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours sweating it out in a gym that makes you feel more self-conscious than empowered to shed those pounds?

All this, and more, is possible if you know how your body reacts to the food you eat.

Say Hello to Miboko

Miboko’s world-first non-invasive sensor sits on your arm and monitors your body’s glucose response to the foods you eat – all without breaking the skin.

But what does that actually mean for you?

Achieve long-lasting change

Miboko isn’t a short-term crash-diet to shed a few pounds by the end of the week.

With Miboko, you’ll learn how YOUR body metabolizes food, so you can build a personal diet that helps you hit and maintain your weight loss goals.

Stop cutting out entire food groups

Cutting out entire food groups is a common method for weight loss. And it’s super unhealthy because it robs your body of essential vitamins.

We don’t want you to cut out entire food groups. We want to explain how much of each food you should eat and still hit your goals.

Exercise as much or as little as you want

We all know exercise can speed weight loss, but what if you can’t (or don’t want to) head to the gym?

With Miboko, that’s not a problem. When you know how your body reacts to foods, you can build a truly personalized weight loss program – with or without exercise.

How does Miboko work?

How does Miboko help you achieve all of this?
By giving you…

Results based on YOUR metabolism

Miboko tracks your body’s reaction to different foods to give you tailored advice. That means no more guessing and no more generalized diets. 

Just specific, small steps to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. 

Non-invasive sensor

To get detailed glucose readouts usually requires either drawing blood, or having a small needle inserted for days or weeks at a time.

Miboko is the only glucose monitoring sensor that offers detailed information WITHOUT needles.

Personalized advice from leading experts

Miboko turns complex metabolic information into easy to understand and follow plans.

You also get direct access to world-leading nutritionists and behavioral psychologists at no extra charge!


World’s first technology straight to your door

1. Sensor

Get a month’s supply of our world’s first non-invasive sensor – shipping is completely free.

2. App

Unlock detailed nutritional data and insights into your metabolism within the Miboko app.

3. Detailed reports and training

Get expert assistance and training from world-leading health experts to help you hit and maintain your health goals.

4. Free video course

Sign up today to also get a free video course on the 4 pillars of healthy weight loss.