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What do we mean by Metabolic Health?

Try fixing a broken bone without an X-ray?

It doesn’t work does it?


Your metabolic health is the cornerstone of your health. What do we mean by metabolic health? Basically how your body is able to deal with sugar is a very important indicator of what’s really going on inside your body. If sugar isn’t being dealt with the way a healthy body is designed to deal with it then you risk poor health, and long term chronic diseases that include diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia. Almost 500 Million people have diabetes and almsot 1 in 6 people have pre-diabetes and simply aren’t aware – becasue they’ve not found a simple enough way to measure and keep track of how sugar is being dealt with by their body. It’s a global crisis.


So your metabolic health is basically the way your body is dealing with sugar from everything we eat and drink, to the way the body breaks down fat in to fuel.

Our Sensor Technology

We measure your metabolic health using our sensors which measure your body’s response to glucose intake. Depending on how well your body responds to the glucose we give you a metabolic health score. We’re all striivng for a score of 100!

Our sensors are one of a kind and the first of its type anywhere in the world that has been approved as a medical device. The sensor sticks to your arm for a few hours and we measure the way glucose is spiking in your body. Glucose comes out through the skin to the surface of the skin where we measure it using our unique nano-sensor technology. This measurement is sent by bluetooth directly to the MiBoKo app.

We compare this response to the ideal response, and from this the app works out a score. This is your metabolic score.

The Sensor Technology finally puts you in control.

In the same way that weighing yourself once a month is enough to track your weight loss, the MiboKo sensors similarly only need to be used once a month, though you can if you choose, use them more frequently for more regular updates on what’s going on inside your body.

The sensor technology finally puts you in control.
Your diet plans and exercise routines will all finally make sense and you’ll have a clear indication of the real progress you are making towards excellent health and longevity.
The sensors take the guesswork out of fad diets and random exercise plans. It puts you in control.

our mission

To make MiBoKo your lifetime companion for achieiving excellent health using the MiBoKo app and our state of the art sensors that measure your metabolic health.

Take Back Control

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