No more fad diets, impersonal advice, and guesswork. Miboko’s next-level health tracking lets your own body tell you exactly what you need to eat and do to get into the best shape of your life.

The Next Level in Health Tracking

Most health trackers measure what you’re doing – like how many steps you take or how many minutes you’re active each day. Our wearable sensor measures what’s actually going on inside your body.

Specifically, it tracks your metabolism, showing you how your body is responding to sugar. Because that’s actually the main influencer of everything from your appetite and weight to how well you sleep, how much energy you have, and even your mood. And longer-term it’s a big factor in chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

It's Time to Change The Game

Traditional diets and health advice rely on generalizations about how the human body typically responds to sugar and how our metabolisms are affected by certain foods or types of exercise. So those programs might work for you – or they might not. But with Miboko, you can find out exactly how the things you eat and do every day are uniquely affecting your metabolism. 

As well as following the data in realtime on your app, you’ll get weekly reports that show and explain your body’s sugar levels. You’ll see a breakdown of how each of your habits are impacting your overall health, along with suggestions for small, manageable changes to your daily routines – like eating more or less of a particular type of food, or exercising at a different time to coincide with your peak energy levels. 

Now You Can Follow Your Body

Miboko puts you in the driving seat, letting you move towards your goals at your own pace while still being encouraged by regular evidence of how your health is improving. 

Now you can be confident that the path to better health is being laid out by the one expert guaranteed to know exactly what’s working – your own body.

Take Back Control

Be among the first to know when Miboko’s world first sensor is ready for you.