How to create a sleep routine to help you lose weight

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Sometimes you can be following the right meal plan and still not see the results, which is often demotivating.

It’s not just diet and exercise that contribute to losing weight, but sleep too. 

If you’re struggling to sleep, or getting bad quality sleep, it could be hampering your weight loss efforts, as well as making you feel tired and stressed. 

Not getting enough sleep can be pretty unhelpful when it comes to losing weight, and it can lead to you having a bigger appetite and making unhealthier food choices.

If you’re serious about losing weight then it’s vital to factor healthy lifestyle habits into your dieting efforts, and experts say good quality sleep plays a very important role in your weight loss journey.

One of the best ways to ensure you get consistent quality sleep and boost your chances of successfully dieting is by creating a sleep routine. 

Thankfully, it’s possible to get your sleep pattern back on track by following our simple tips and creating your own sleep routine.

How to create your sleep routine

We’ve got you covered with 6 useful tips on how to build a sleep routine that works for you.

Give these tips a try and you can say hello to some great quality sleep and give yourself a boost when it comes to losing weight.

Start your routine as early as you wake up

Sleep routine weight loss.

Just because it’s a sleep routine doesn’t mean that it’s only about what you do at night.

A healthy sleep routine can begin as soon as you wake up, for instance by making the bed every day. 

Making the bed in the morning is a powerful psychological tool, it can help make sure you start the day by accomplishing something, setting you up for success, and leaving you feeling productive from the get-go.  

In fact, some experts think that people who make the bed find it easier to fall asleep and get better quality sleep.

It can also make your room look immediately tidier, which can help with stress and mental health.

Dealing with stress is fundamental for weight loss, it can have you reaching for the sugary snacks and make it harder to fall asleep, so making your bed in the morning could be a sleep and weight loss double whammy!

Pick a realistic bedtime (and stick to it) 

Sleep routine weight loss

We are creatures of habit, and that’s true when it comes to your sleep routine. 

To get regular quality sleep, it’s important to go to bed around the same time every night. 

It doesn’t have to be the exact same time, but aiming to get your head down at the same approximate time is crucial when it comes to building a healthy routine. 

When you go to bed around the same time every night, your body gets used to feeling sleepy at the same time in the evening. 

This can take away some of the stress of struggling to sleep, and it’s a sign that your metabolic “body clock” is working perfectly.

When It comes to picking a bedtime that works for you, you should think about:

  • Giving yourself enough time to get 8 hours sleep – Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night, so make sure you’re going to bed with enough time to get a good rest. 

  • Giving yourself enough time to get ready – Make sure you leave enough time in the morning to get ready without rushing around, so give yourself enough time to get everything done in the morning and of course, make the bed. 

  • What time you get tired – We’re all different, some of us may be feeling sleepy at 9 and others at 11. It’s important not to force sleep or go to bed if you don’t feel sleepy. This can lead to frustration and stress later on, so make sure you’re being realistic and setting your bedtime for when you feel tired.

Plan your pre-bed routine

Sleep routine for weight loss.

A great way to tell your body that it’s time for bed is by having regular trigger activities, a set of rituals done in the same order, each night.

Leaving a half hour at the end of every day to prepare your bed, brush your teeth, and maybe have a bath or shower can signal to your brain that it’s time to switch off and sleep.

Like destressing, these nightly habits can help to relax your body and mind, making it that much easier to drift off to sleep. 

Making these things a regular routine will have you dropping off like clockwork every night. 

These can be any relaxing activities that you like, as long as they’re calming, not too stimulating, and ideally, avoid using screens or blue light.

It could be taking a bath, reading a book, listening to relaxing music, yoga or meditation. 

Some people enjoy preparing their bedroom with scented candles or essential oils – lavender oil is great for sleep.

Whatever it is, giving yourself a set of calming, wind-down activities before bed could be the key to consistent, great-quality sleep and leave you feeling healthier, more energized, and in the perfect mindset to stick to your diet. 

Plan your meal times

Sleep routine for weight loss.

Just like having a regular bedtime, eating your meals at similar times every day is a fantastic way to keep your body clock in sync.

Meal times and blood sugar levels play an important part in our metabolism and circadian rhythms.

Keeping a regular meal schedule can keep your natural rhythms on track, and can even trigger that sleepy feeling.

As well as helping with your sleep pattern, having regular meal times can also help you hit your weight loss goals.

People with irregular sleep and meal times tend to have higher levels of obesity, making this sleep routine tip a must.

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you eat breakfast – A nutritious breakfast can kick start your body clock and set you up for the day.

  • Try not to eat too late – Experts recommend having dinner at least a few hours before your bedtime, to not throw off your body clock.

  • Plan some healthy snacks – having some healthy and tasty treats on hand for your scheduled snack breaks can tie you over from meal to meal, and make you more likely to stick to your meal times.

Unwind during the day

Sleep routine weight loss

Stress and anxiety play a huge part in how well we sleep, and a stressful day can soon lead to a restless night. 

That’s why an important part of your sleep routine should be making time in the day to destress and wind down.  

Taking some time out for yourself and actively destressing can make all the difference when it comes to boosting your sleep quality.

There are lots of ways to relax, like exercise or meditation, all you have to do is find one that works for you.

Exercise can be a great way to clear some of the stress, with the added bonus of releasing feel-good endorphins and burning a few calories. 

It can be as versatile as you want, you can give team sports a go or do it solo. 

If you’re short on time and still want to destress, then these stress-busting breathing meditations are for you.

They’re quick, effective, and completely free. 

They’re quick, simple, and can be done at any time, anywhere, helping you melt the stress away. 

Adding just 5 minutes of unwinding to your daily routine can make a real difference to your overall sleep quality, and help you feel better equipped to hit your weight loss goals. 

Practice sleep hygiene

Sleep routine weight loss

Good quality sleep and a perfect sleep routine go hand in hand with sleep hygiene.

It’s all about following a few simple lifestyle habits and keeping your bedroom in the best state for sleeping.

Changing what you do in the day as well as before bed can help you get off to sleep.

Prepping your room for sleep success couldn’t be easier, let’s take a look:

  • The darker the better – not only will you find it easier to sleep in a darker room but sleeping with more light might actually be linked with increased obesity.

  • Comfort is key – Make sure you’re equipped with cozy blankets and comfortable pillows to help drifting off that much easier.

  • Keep it cool – Make sure your room isn’t too hot; temperatures around 65 °F work best when it comes to helping you sleep.

  • Give yourself peace and quiet – Turn off any noisy gadgets, or even invest in some earplugs to block out distractions.

You can even make setting up your ideal sleep environment into your pre-bedtime routine.

Will a sleep routine help me lose weight?

Your sleep routine is unique to you, so try some of these things out to find out which ones work for you.

Getting to know what works for your body is a process, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a little time to get things off the ground. 

The first step is most important, and you’ll soon find out what your body responds to and be on your way to a perfect sleep routine before you know it.

All it takes is a little experimenting and perseverance.

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